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    Post  Danzul on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:01 am

    Ok then guys and gals,
    unfoprtunatly this bit has to be done to keep our hosts happy but more importantly to try and keep this site friendly and usable so please read the rules thanks.

    1. DO NOT swear in the thread title.

    2. DO NOT post irrelevant topics.

    3. DO NOT post slanderous threads.

    4. Minimize the use of offensive language.

    5. DO NOT post racist remarks.

    6. DO NOT post threads which should be private messages.

    7. DO NOT post threads asking "Why has my thread been deleted?"

    8. DO NOT allow any other forum user to post under your username, if you get caught both usernames will be banned.

    9. DO NOT bump old threads from months ago just for the sake of bumping them. It's annoying, pointless and could get you a 24hr ban. If you have a relevant query for the thread then that's fine.

    10. MUST NOT Post Pornographic or indecent images.

    11. MAKE SURE you post lots, have fun and a good laugh with all the members.

    12. PLEASE DO NOT use these forums just to advertise your business/forums, you need to be socialble.


    Any views expressed are those of individuals, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the club.

    We reserve the right to remove messages from any discussion which are deemed to be offensive or in any way wholly inappropriate to the nature of the discussion."

    We welcome all Guests to this site, being from the local area or not. After all, the site is FREE to join.
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