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    FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding Empty FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding

    Post  psbarham on Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:16 am

    YEAR: 1996
    COLOUR: silver
    MILEAGE: I'll double check later
    R.F.L.* EXPIRY DATE: 02/11
    M.O.T. EXPIRY DATE: 08/11
    PRICE: 3500 ono

    mitsubishi legnum vr4,

    this is a 280 bhp 2.5 liter twin turbo v6 with the 4wd and ayc system from the mitsubishi evo, so has plenty of grip and grunt.

    This particular car was loved and cherished by a good friend of mine like no other car i know, he set out to make this the ultimate in refined motoring with enough grunt to dispatch most stuff, The car has wanted for nothing since he owned it and would only buy the absolute best products for the car after hours or research. (900 quid for the sard rad says it all Shocked ) the interior isn't the jap leather because that wasn't good enough, so has the uk spec leather fitted.

    The car comes with a fresh engine with new timing belt, water pump and idlers, and has a sump full off amsoils finest.

    Manual conversion with lightened flywheel and a new exedy stage 1

    Evo 7 wheels with 234/45/17 toyo tyres that were fitted when the wheels were refurbed 300 miles ago.

    Brembos all round with brand new discs on the rear and fresh super blue brake fluid

    All the transmission fluids have been changed.

    Greddy intercooler.

    sard uprated radiator.

    Greddy profec spec b boost controller

    Just to add that the wheels in the pictures are my evo 8 ones and not the mint evo 7 ones it will come with, I swaped the wheels over to see which looked best on mine.

    Also the exhaust is 3" stainless and comes with a de-cat in the boot

    there is also an earthing kit and a voltage stabiliser in the boot ready to be fitted.

    Sard Adjustable FPR and uprated fuel pump

    Sard remote boost gauge

    Turbo timer

    PLX wideband sensor and controller

    Genuine super vr4 headlights

    Tein S techs

    Bilstein B8s (designed for lowered springs)

    Cusco anti roll bars front and rear

    Exhuast is a Fujitsubo Legalis R EVO (video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp5svEefrUo )

    There is some carpark dings / scratches and a hint of tin worm on the rear arches as you'd expect on a car of this age, but underneath all K's hard work has paid dividends as there is bugger all rust that i could find on it.

    FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding Phone079

    I will add more pictures when i get home later


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    FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding Empty Re: FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding

    Post  Danzul on Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:42 am

    If i had the money i would snap this up! i really would.
    i can vouch for this cars worth and it really is a bargain at that price!
    sooooo surprised this hasnt been sold yet!

    FS: mitsubishi legnum, Spalding DCvsMS1

    I dont want to arrive at the grave in pristine condition but rather skid in sideways battered and bruised screaming "Holy sh*t that was one hell of a ride!!!!!!!

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