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    Tyre markings Empty Tyre markings

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    1. Tyre Size Designation
    On all 4x4 tyres there will be an LT in front of the tyre size if the tyre is of a reinforced construction. LT means light truck (reinforced). If there is a 'P' or no lettering at all, then it will be a Passenger tyre type. We strongly recommend fitting the same type of tyre on all four corners of the vehicle, fitting different types of tyre on the same vehicle can cause issues with the vehicles handling characteristics. The ‘235’ is the nominal width of the tyres cross section in millimetres. The ‘85’ is the ‘aspect ratio’ - the ratio of the side wall height to the cross-section width. The ‘R’ stands for radial-ply construction. The ‘16’ stands for diameter (in inches) of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit. Always ensure that the tyre fitted has the correct or higher load/speed rating as specified for the vehicle. It is not recommended to mix tyres with different load/speed ratings on the same axle.

    2. Indicates exterior sidewall on asymetric tyres for fitting purposes.

    3. Load Pressure Information
    (Not required in the UK).

    4. Brand Name

    5. Tyre Construction Details
    (Not required in the UK).

    6. European ECE Type
    Approval mark number.

    7. Load Capacity Index
    Shows the maximum weight the tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed rating.

    8. Speed Category Symbol
    A letter which indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding to the Load Capacity Index. Common speed ratings are ‘Q’,’S’, ‘T’, ‘H’, ‘V’, ‘W’ ‘Y’, and ‘Z’.

    9. Country of Manufacturer

    10. Commercial Name & Identity

    11. Location of Tread Wear Indicators
    (Markings not on all tyres) Tread wear indicators moulded into the base of the the tread are set at the minimum legal depth of 1.6mm.
    Tyre Sidewall Markings

    Tyre markings Tyremarkings

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