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    Fords 2.0 CDTi Clucth Empty Fords 2.0 CDTi Clucth

    Post  Danzul on Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:53 pm

    After a much wasted and very frustrating weekend my self and PSBarham have found this out.

    For those of you out there with either a Focus or Mondeo CDTi when it come to replacing the clutch, it will become very expensive.

    The Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) also needs replacing with the Release bearing which would appear to be sold seperatly to the Clutch kit (check with your parts supplier as this may not always be the case).

    The Dual mass fly wheel is said by ford to last and be replaced after 60,000 miles which would roughly tie in with how long a standard clutch will last.
    After seeing the state of the DMF (after only 50,000 miles) i can understand why! Unfortunatly i have no pictures but i can tell you now there should not be ANY lateral play in the DMF, on this particualr car there was roughly 1CM of lateral play.

    Although there is apparently (i am yet to here of any) much talk of the release bearing lasting longer it is good practice to change this as well with any clutch you do. Not only is it good practice but it saves you messing about and wasting time ripping the box back out if it does need replacing.

    In fairness to the car however ford do appear to have put together a well built car, even though this car had been in a crash at some point and repaired (with shortcuts for example the Subframe was not located properly when being refitted and the OSF Drive shaft Thread was mullered the car came a part with relative ease and it was a reasonably straight foward job.

    Just be patient with bleading the Hydrolic clutch up as this can be a long time consuming job to do.

    Fords 2.0 CDTi Clucth DCvsMS1

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