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    F1 in Korea Empty F1 in Korea

    Post  Danzul on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:19 am

    well that was certainly an exciting race!
    i deffinatly like the track, top marks to Hermann Tilke, the designer of this fantastic track.
    the rain certainly made it an interesting race.
    what are your veiws on the championship now?
    personaly i am still backing Lewis Hamilton to win the championship.

    Also i think that Webber made a mistake, the mercedes must have looked like the mclaren just before he spun....
    ona serisous note it was a very disapointing race for MArk but Schumacher and Hiekki Kovalinen both had a good race finishing in strong positions.

    F1 in Korea DCvsMS1

    I dont want to arrive at the grave in pristine condition but rather skid in sideways battered and bruised screaming "Holy sh*t that was one hell of a ride!!!!!!!

    Ask any racer, any real racer, it doesn't matter whether you win by an inch, or a mile, WINNINGS, WINNING!

    To finish second, is to be the first to lose.

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    Post  psbarham on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:05 pm

    That was a very enjoyable race, Its now going to be a close run thing between Hamilton and alonso now, time shall tell.

    4Th and 12Th for shumi and Heikki respectively were awesome results Cool

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